The political class.. The Bourbon kings!!

Al-Obaid Ahmed Marwah
A week ago, the war in Sudan completed its seventh month, and throughout this period its direct area extended beyond Khartoum State to include all five states of Darfur in addition to the three states of Kordufan. The Armed Forces troops were forced to withdraw from most of the garrisons in those states, and the talk that was going on about a scheme on the division of Sudan and separation of Darfur, came from the scope of theory to reality. Moreover, it has even become a demand for a significant segment of the Sudanese population from the center and the north!!
All of this is happening, and the condition of the political class is as if the state is not experiencing a war targeting the origin of its existence, and that a political and social earthquake has struck the country and its aftershocks are still continuing, and that there are millions displaced between internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees, and that thousands are dying and hundreds are martyred, and tens of thousands are injured, and thousands of women are widowed, tens of thousands of children have been rendered orphans, and the culture of identity-based killing, plundering, and looting is widespread, in the name of democracy!!
This may seem like a harsh or general statement, but in any case I do not make it lightly, and my evidence in this so far the political forces with their various orientations have not gone far beyond the Framework Agreement!!
The main problem with the Framework Agreement is that those who designed it intended to monopolize the political decision in Sudan in favor of certain political forces that would have the authority of the “influential people” and for the rest of the political and social forces to remain either isolated and deliberately excluded, or to participate on the basis of satisfaction with what the “influential people” began to engineer the situation in the country in a way that would guarantee them absolute rule without elections, which was a direct reason for sparking the April 2023 war.
The political class was supposed to realize the seriousness of the situation that the country had fallen into in light of the outbreak of devastation, forget its internal conflicts and old ambitions, and unite its queues to stand in the face of the barbaric attack that swept the country, until the danger threatening the homeland is removed, but instead it made every political bloc makes itself “central” and wants others to gather around, as if we did nothing.!!
Now, after the seven months have passed, one regrets to say that the political class, like the Bourbon kings, does not seem to have learned anything significant, or to have forgotten its old political quibbling. Instead of the political blocs gathering their parties and converging to shape the features of the post-war future, we find them fragmenting and divided.  And when you try to search for the real reasons behind this, you discover that inside the mind of each political faction is a “totalitarian mind” that believes that its faction is more deserving of the kingship than others who did not have that amount of capital!
There is no doubt in my mind that a new political and social awareness is being created within Sudanese community, meaning that what comes after April 15 will not be the same as before, unless the political class is well aware of this, and begins to learn lessons from the lessons of the bitter experience that the Sudanese have lived through, and amends its methods of dealings with the reality, then its moving to the shelves of History Museum will only be a matter of time…I have told you, God bear witness to this..

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