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An Antidote to War, the Longest Artistic Trip

Sudan Events – Magda Hassan

Director Nasser Youssef and actor Prof. Saleh Abdel Qader carried out the longest artistic work trip inside Sudan during the war, and with self-help they called it
the (Antidote to War) trip, that followed three axes, and in an exclusive interview with Sudan Events, Nasser Youssef explained that they organized a workshop, prepared and implemented by Prof.Saleh Abdel Qader, on
Creative thinking, critical thinking, creative writing, performance and performativity, concepts about directing in addition
to educational concepts and national education for children through ancient popular environmental games
The film (Needle and Thread) was also shown and discussed. The film stands against child marriage. The trip included
24 secured cities in Sudan, 9 states
We have now arrived in Egypt, and for myself, I have started as a trainer in specialized workshops.
and cinematography
and working on developing the scenario for the film (Exodus of the Soul), that is a film that deals with the horror of war in Sudan.

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