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The expert on conflicts and peace at the African Union and the alternate head of the Criminal Investigation Committee at the International Criminal Court, Dr. Salah Al-Safi, has called for expediting the establishment of a trust fund to compensate victims of war and conflicts in Sudan.
He pointed out that the crimes committed during the current transitional period, including the violations of the recent Khartoum war and what followed in some states and regions, must be subject to careful investigation and a fair and complete trial without impunity.
Al-Safi said during his speech at the weekly forum hosted by the Ministry of Finance Employees’ Club Hall in Atbara that pardoning is an undesirable tradition for human rights violations and war crimes, noting that the guardians of blood in such crimes are the international community and not the families of the victims.
The expert at the African Union stressed the need for the parties involved in committing these crimes to fully bear the consequences of their criminal responsibility, provided that the state and civil society organizations together make the utmost efforts possible to redress the harm to the afflicted.
Al-Safi pinpointed out that it is necessary in Sudan to form a broad coalition of organizations, entities and parties to monitor and document crimes, assess the damage, meet the families of the victims in their locations, and record all the crimes, violations and damage that they were subjected to in a legal form approved by the official authorities and then submit them to the National Commission for Human Rights in coordination with The War Victims Trust Fund in Sudan to prosecute those involved and provide adequate compensation to those affected.

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