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Sudanese Woman in the Beauty Pageant

Sudan Events – Magda Hassan

Tasbih Diab published a post in the Miss Global 2023 competition, as the first Sudanese competitor, she promised her followers that she would progress over Mexico and Germany. In less than 24 hours, she became first in the classification of the Miss Global competition, and she promised her fans that she will read more, to improve her culture, and she promised to make history for her country, despite all the sorrows and conditions Dudan is going through. She also expressed her pride in being able to raise her country’s flag in this competition alongside many countries, particularly since the voting began to push her to an advanced position in the competition: I feel very proud that I am able to raise my country’s flag above the rest of the countries in front of the world. This is an achievement not for me but for the Sudan’s and it is a step to shed light on our country and what is happening in it. It is a step to tell the world that Sudan and the women of Sudan are capable of doing anything and that they are capable of overcoming any challenge and achieve their dreamd.
It is worth noting that Tasbih, 28, was born in Khartoum and is currently living in Dubai. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Banking Studies from the Sudan Academy of Banking and Financial Sciences in 2015, and worked in the field of real estate for 5 years, but in the end she turned to content creation in addition to business, which fulfilled her dream of owning a house in Dubai.

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