Egypt: Commodities Continue to Rise

Sudan Events -Nahid Oshi

The prices of consumer goods in the Egyptian markets have witnessed a significant increase, and citizens complained about the continuous rise in prices, particularly sugar and oils. Observers linked the rise in the prices of consumer goods to the fluctuation of the dollar and its rise in the parallel market against the Egyptian pound, where it approached 50 pounds.
A tour of (Sudan Events) inside commercial stores revealed that crystal corn oil stood at (77.14) pounds, while local eggs dozen rose to (63.12) pounds. A kilo of packed lentils reached 51.78 pounds, and (23.15) pounds per kilo of packaged pasta, while packaged sugar recorded (42.05) pounds per kilogram, and in some shops it reached (50) pounds. A liter of sunflower oil stood at (63.76) pounds, while packaged flour (22.3) pounds, packaged beans (41.39) pounds per kilo and packaged rice recorded 29.68 pounds per kilo.

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