Hudson: Washington Aware of UAE Support to RSF

Sudan Event – Follow-ups

Cameron Hudson, former director of the Office of the US Special Envoy to Sudan, denounced the American silence regarding the atrocities of the Rapid Support militia in Sudan as a kind of silence and complicity.
Hudson said in a comment he posted on the “X” platform today, Wednesday, that Washington had the facts about the UAE support to RSF to prolong the war, months before the press investigations were published in the “New York Times” and “Wall Street Journal.” However, it did not say anything, and Hudson wondered. Why? He considered this ignorance a form of silence and complicity.
The member of the Sovereign Council – Assistant Commander of the Sudanese Army, General Yasser Al-Atta, had accused the United Arab Emirates of supporting and providing military equipment to the Rapid Support Militia, according to intelligence information owned by the competent authorities.

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