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late singer advised his fans: Sudan first

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Mahmoud in the Heart Group – Port Sudan is organizing this evening at the Port Sudan Artists Union a singing night under the slogan (Sudan First), through which it will present patriotic songs in the voice of Mahmoud, with the participation of a number of artists from Khartoum, Red Sea States.
Khaled Numeri, the head of the group, said in an interview with Sudan Events that the night opens with Mahmoud’s famous advise (Keep your trust in the country) in addition to Mahmoud’s patriotic songs. Numeri said that they are continuing the humanitarian path that was carried out by the late Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, in addition to holding artistic nights that immortalize his art and reflect his biography.
Numeri pointed out that the signing night is their first since the outbreak of the Khartoum War. It will
Participated the artists Shatha Abdullah, Hudhayfah Port Sudan, Muhammad Onur, Dawud Gokan, Muhammad Al-Badri, and Al-Waha Al-Warifa Forum.
It is worth noting that the group was founded in 2009 while Mahmoud Mahmoud Abdel Aziz was still amongst his fans was registered with the Ministry of Culture and Information.

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