The losers’ Alliance (1-2)

As I see

Adil Al Baz

Who are they.? what have they lost and for what reasons?. The reason is that they have been fooled into buying the illusions of the militia and its alliance who, in turn, sold them the idea that power is just thrown at the corner of the street and that you could easily pick it up, just like that…they were made to believe that the Janjaweed had but to knock down the wall of the residence of president Al Burhan using the rock breaker machine which was already stationed inside the house of Hemedti, kill the guards and enter the bed room of the president, annihilate the leaders of the armed forces and immediately and right away place their agents inside the various security apparatus, top of which the armed forces, read the first communique which the alliances of the Janjaweed were impatiently waiting to listen to.
This was the way they imagined things, what a disappointing imagination it was!!! What happened is that they could not reach the residence of the president, because some thirty-five gallant martyrs had decided to martyr and to sacrifice their souls in defense of their homeland. And they did sacrifice themselves, thus Sudan saved the ordeal and the expectations of the traitorous faltered. From that moment on they cease not from plunging into their mischievous plans. This alliance of the losers has never, since that day on, recovered because Allah never allows the mischievous plots of the traitorous elements against their homeland, a chance to succeed.
The Forces for Freedom and change (FFC) were the prime losers. Following the shimmer it experienced in 2019, it started tasting successive failures.After the catastrophic approach in running the executive, as applied by its stooges, it blew up all the values of the rising, as there was no freedom, nor justice and no peace. Nothing of those lofty principles was realized, all that glimmering the FFC glitter, was blown in the four winds. In fact, the FFC itself followed suit, disappearing into thin air, in series of frictions that weakened it soul and body, leaving behind only the pustules of the Central Council…this is simply because they were nothing but rootless weeds, that climbed the trunk of change, with no sustaining roots or programme or vision for that matter, thus it was easy to remove the council and dump it. The military removed it in 2021, in the first place and it was finished by the Janjaweed. And it ended up into a fractious group of migratory activists begging at every table, from one country to another, with no aim or hopes, armed with the dream of coming once again to power carried on the back of foreign tanks. well far from it.
The rootless floating weed ended into nothingness. Then what about the second alliance which during the (days of glory and shimmer) they used to be dubbed the Rapid Support, but it quickly became clear to the whole universe that they were but bunches of thugs and looters… how was that? Well, because originally they specialized in looting and genocidal acts, what about them then?” After the Janjaweed coup faltered and failed, they, in place of surrendering and conceding failure to bring down the government and end up like any other failed coup d’état, they, on the contrary pushed forwards in their injustice and war, mislead by the arms, power and money that they looted or gathered from the people blood. They believed that through war they would take over the country and enslave people. These remained the illusion in power of tyrants from Pharaoh to Hemedti. The illusions of power in most cases ended up with those behind it ending into drowning, pushing them into occasions of their fate, dragging them by the waves into the heat of the tumultuous waves. this was how the pharaoh died and this is how Hemedti plunged into the oceans of Artificial Intelligence, from which he could not come out, thus turning himself into joke in the social media.
So to what end have the Rapid Support Forces docked, what have they achieved? These forces used to be fully armed in full gear, its ranks when they were lined up, had been a pleasure to behold, the people were in the belief they would take up arms to protect the people and to secure the Sudan, thus the Sudanese people have never hesitated to provide them with arm and to enable them amass capital, gold and projects, as they were part and parcel of the people’s armed forces, or thus was the belief, all of them the leaders and the laymen. They did not realize the treason and that these troops were but pure evil, only too late. Regrettably those forces ended up being hijackers, bandits, and rapists in rag clothes. The weapons and the cars they amassed for use one day, into heaps of dust and charred bodies, alas.
Now 100,000 Janjaweed fighters, accompanied by mercenaries of every color and shape, roaming the country west and south, looting and raping… All the cities they captured became ruins, every area they entered made the dearest of its people humiliated, and so they do wherever they go.
Have they accomplished their political project (if any), have they achieved a military victory that enables them to seize the state? None of this happened, and that while they were at the peak of their strength and might, now it is impossible to do anything but ruin….
What did they reap, and what do they expect to harvest except ashes, especially as they continue to loot, kill and make thousands displaced?
They made achievements worthy of them and of the FFC…/ The Sudanese people hated them as they had never hated a group or anyone before. There has become a total hatred for everything that is Janjaweed FFC and why not? what evil or atrocities they have not committed against the people, from rape to extermination!!
In Darfur now, every major ethnic group stands against them. No, not only that, but they are now rallying to fight them… The Fur, the Masalit, the Zaghawa and dozens of major tribes in Darfur and Kordofan are now allying to fight them and are mobilizing millions in the northern states to go after them…!!!
globally, in the eyes of international public opinion, United Nations organizations, and human rights organizations, they have become nothing more than specialists in genocide, looting and turning civilians into IDPs, and they are promised that curses will haunt them at home and punishments awaits them abroad, shame in the world, death, punishments, chase and curses, and that is what they deserve. They lost their families, weapons, money and reputation. This is all they gained from their war against the people, they and their allies stood against the people. Congratulations to them and their allies for the gains they came out with…
(to be continued)

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