Governor of Gezira state directs of raising workers’ salaries

Sudan Events – Nahed Oshi

Gezira state government considered workers’ salaries to be one of the issues that needed immediate treatment, along with the importance of concerted efforts to meet the exceptional period that the country is going through.

The acting governor of Gezira State, Al-Tahir Ibrahim Al-Khair, said during his visit on Thursday morning to the Ministry of Finance, Economy and Manpower to check on the progress of performance. He said that the reports revealed the Ministry of Finance’s implementation of all plans and programs for the current year.

For his part, the Director of the Petroleum Department confirmed the stability of the supply of petroleum products.

While the Director of the Trade Department announced an abundance of consumer goods.
Atef Muhammad Ibrahim Abu Shouk, Director General of the Ministry of Finance, the Minister-designate, confirmed that his ministry aspires to a major role in financing the state’s projects and plans. He said that the state of Gezira has become the largest economic sector in the country. He pointed to partnerships with a number of large economic companies and institutions, and stressed that the strategy of the Ministry of Finance for the coming year aims to promote and develop. Revenues .

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