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“Highlands of Sudan“ , Exhibition

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Miska Mohmmed in a unique artistic exploration of landscape art at Barcelona’s Galerie OOA (Out of Africa Gallery) . Until 03 December 2023, the OOA contemporary art gallery is delighted to welcome Miska Mohmmed to its space for her exhibition “Highlands of Sudan“. A captivating artistic presentation offering the public an immersive panorama blending the imaginary and the real. Revealing her practice of landscape art, the contemporary artist invites visitors to admire the soul of her Sudanese homeland in paint.
From the twentieth century onwards, artists have been experimenting with their art in order to redefine the limits of fiction and reality, offering a new definition of landscape art.
At the heart of this artistic reconstruction is contemporary artist Miska Mohmmed. Her works are inspired by the rolling landscapes of her Sudanese home, nestling on the banks of the mighty Nile. In these semi-abstract creations, we find a harmonious juxtaposition of several elements such as flora, air, earth and water. This strong pictorial concentration offers a moving symphony of colours and lines in motion on the canvas. Her art is an illustration of the delicate balance between the hectic energy of urban life and the serene tranquillity of nature. Through her work, she invites viewers to find their place in this dreamlike landscape where reality and fantasy converge.
Miska works mainly in oils and acrylics, experimenting with a sensory analysis of landscapes. In creating her canvases, she fuses material experimentation with her deep connection to nature. The paintings feature broad horizontal lines, a reference to the spaces from which they draw their inspiration. Each detail in the work is imbued with the essence of Sudan, capturing the soul of her homeland in a vibrant tapestry of hues.
Miska Mohmmed‘s artistic career has taken her across continents. In 2016, she obtained a BFA in painting from the College of Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Sudan. Her work has been exhibited worldwide, including in Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Dubai, Tunisia, New York, the UK, Germany and Zanzibar. The contemporary artist has also participated in numerous art events such as Art Dubai 2022, Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Art X Lagos 2021 and 2019, Lagos, Nigeria; FNB Art Joburg, Johannesburg and Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2021, Cape Town, South Africa; the Rashid Diab Art Centre in Khartoum, Sudan, among others.

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