New Measures to Maximize Gold Exports


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The Sudanese Mineral Resources Company Limited, in coordination with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, the Sudanese Standards and Metrology Authority, the Ministry of Commerce, the Customs Forces, the Bank of Sudan and the security services, announced a package of measures that would further maximize gold exports.
First and foremost is freezing the fine collection on a gram of gold in all mining markets in the country.

The Director General, Mohamed Taher Omar, promised companies working in mining waste to take a new package of measures to ensure the flow of raw materials in order to increase the volume of production of gold metal.

The Director General called on companies with capital working in gold export to resume work through official channels, pointing out the facilitation of export procedures with the relevant authorities.

He explained that the measures that have been taken under the supervision and follow-up of the Minister of Minerals aim to limit smuggling operations that prevent the state and citizens from benefiting from gold revenues.

The Director General of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company stressed the need to take legal measures against anyone who violates and contributes to wasting the country’s mineral resources, indicating full coordination with the security services to control gold metal and limit smuggling operations.

Muhammad Taher revealed that all the company’s employees in the mining markets in the states and city areas were directed to provide all services and facilitate procedures for exporters and companies.

The Director General of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company appealed to businessmen and companies working in gold export to activate the export activity, indicating that the time is right to advance the gold export process, warning at the same time against the movement and circulation of gold without obtaining a transfer form issued by the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company. Ltd.

The Director General of Mineral Resources stated that procedures were completed for more than “500” kilograms of gold metal prepared for export in a short period from the date of taking the procedural packages, noting that the state’s general directives in the mining sector aim to achieve the highest rate of gold exports through official channels.

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