Al-Merreikh football club’s President Resigns

Khartoum – Sudan Events

The President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sudanese football club, Al-Merreikh has officially tended his resignation, one year after his election and assuming the post within the club, which suffers complicated administrative and financial challenges.

Abu Jebain said a statement to fans of Al-Merreikh Club that he took the step succumbing to concerted negative media coverage for all issues related to the club along with spreading of smearing rumors and defamation against the club and its leadership. He hinted that he was not aware of the causes behind the campaign.

Abu Jabein affirmed in his statement that, after a year as president of this great club, Al-Merreikh, he reached a conviction to submit his resignation, not because he was unable to manage the administrative, but it was rather because he had faced lot of harm, through campaigns that consistently targeted him in person.

Abu Jabein thanked Al-Merreikh fans and the club’s general assembly, which placed their confidence on him to lead the largest club in Sudan and Africa.

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