Economist Depreciates Currency Changing

Sudan Events – Nahid Oshi

The economic expert, Dr. Adil Abdulaziz played down the importance of changing the Sudanese currency due to the circulation of incompletely printed currency or looted from banks. He said that the matter does not require changing the currency for reasons including that the quantities seized by the rebel forces at the currency printing press or from bank branches are not large, and are estimated to not exceed 10% of the volume of currency in circulation.
In addition, the cost of printing a new currency outside Sudan is very expensive, as the cost is estimated at about 700 million euros, which is not commensurate with the current conditions of the Sudanese economy.
He said in statement to (Sudan Events) to be published in full later that many financial transactions currently take place between citizens and merchants, and between citizens and government institutions such as customs, through electronic applications of banks, like Bankak application, which reduces the need for currency circulation

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