Preparations to Reopen Shendi Schools completed 

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The Executive Director of Shendi Locality in the River Nile State, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, has confirmed that the preparations have been fully completed for reopening of the schools in Shendi, announcing that challenges facing displaced students in the area have been remedied, confirming that academic matters were progressing as planned.

The Executive Director stated at the conclusion of the School and Winter Supplies Exhibition, organized by the Khartoum Journalists Association in Shindi, he stated that the exhibition has created an excellent opportunity to bring down prices of school supplies in Shindi market, which contributed to alleviating the burden of living.

He stressed that the event reflects the great role played by the media professionals, noting that media has other message to disseminate in the society during wartime.

He announced availing local houses and centers to receive those hailing from Khartoum, has launched the start of future partnership between the displaced media professionals and Shendi locality.

He stressed their readiness to develop a partnership through protocols and workshops, expressing his hope that it would not be interrupted. The relationship with the displaced media after returning to Khartoum should be extended. He pledged to support all activities of media professionals, calling on them to contribute to promote the media in Shendi locality through training. He revealed the start of establishing a media center in the state by the end of the current year, and directed that the cost of the center be raised for funding.

Director of Culture and Media, Bakri Al-Azraq, praised the full cooperation between the administration and the Media Professionals Association, declaring their readiness to support all activities of the Association and announced the launch of an electronic newspaper soon.

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