ADB Finances Wheat Cultivation in Sudan


Sudan Events – Nahid Oshi

The New Manaseer Project has been launched. The project which kicked off today (Sunday) is sought for the cultivation operations for emergency wheat. It is provided by the World Food Program (a free grant to the River Nile farmers) and other states, with funds coming via the African Development Bank.
The head of the Agriculture Department, engineer Salah al-Din al-Mamoun, has underlined in his address to farmers related to the project, the need to apply the required technical package as recommended by the agricultural guides, saying that the use of such process will increase crop productivity where seeds and fertilizers would be used to the best possible standard.
Coordinator of the emergency wheat emergency program in the state, Engineer Al-Amin Hamida, confirmed that the program is now practically in the fields with the farmers, and that the projects and agricultural leaders are currently following up field work as carried out by the farmers.
He said” we will stand and follow up in the field until we harvest the wheat and achieve the productivity we hope to achieve in line with the research recommendations and their application”.
It is to be mentioned here that the emergency wheat crop cultivation programs target 17,000 farmers in the state, that is 20% of the targeted during 2023/2024 season.

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