Source: Jeddah negotiations suspended

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According to press sources on Sunday night, the parties to the Jeddah peace talks, the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Paramilitary Militia Rapid Forces, have been advised to halt their discussion indefinitely.
The advice came from the Saudi-American mediation, sponsor of the SAF-RSF negotiations in Jeddah, along with the African Union and the IGAD.
The army has been insisting on the implementation of the stipulations concluded during of the previous Jeddah agreement which refers to evacuating homes and public utilities by the Rapid Support Militia while removing the outposts and checkpoints that the militia had set up in the main streets of Khartoum. Sources claim that the two parties were unable to come to an agreement on issues related to looting of civilian private properties.
On the other hand, at the request of the Rapid Support Forces, the International Committee of the Red Cross announced on Saturday that it had assisted in the release of sixty-four children from the city of El Genaina in the state of West Darfur.
“We brought them back to their families in Ardamata,” the Committee continued.

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