Abu Jebein : Waives $6 million to Al-Merreikh

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The resigned Chairperson of Sudanese Mereikh Board of Directors, the resigned Ayman Abu Jebein said that he spent an amount of $6 million, that is (my responsibility before the authority of the General Assembly, during my taking office of presidency. That he gave up today permanently..

Abu Jebein said on his personal page on social media platform: (I failed to lead the group of work in collective spirit and I tried to set up different basics and to benefit from the previous councils’mistakes and confront the negative phenomena, but I failed, and failure is an attempt to success but the shame is to continue with it.

The resigned President of Mars added: I followed the variation in reactions Among the Martians, there were those who asked me to withdraw, and I received many letters and phone calls, as well as those who considered my decision to be new literature. Others considered the timing inappropriate, and each Martian expressed his opinion according to his own vision. I respect all of these opinions, but I believe that the timing is appropriate in light of the fact that the participation The next team, if the African Championship, will be in August 2024, and thus there is enough space to arrange the club’s affairs.

Ayman Abu Jibin said: So that there would not be a burden on whoever takes over responsibility after me, I made sure to pay the fines that prevent the club from registering, in addition to the salaries of the football team players, and some other issues related to the management of the club. I also left an amount of approximately one million dollars to the federation. African Football Association, and I am ready to change the signatures in the bank account so that whoever leads the club can disburse the amount after transferring it from the African Union..

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