Gold Sector Sustains Huge Losses

Sudan Events – Nahid Oshi

The head of Public Relations and Media for the Gold Division, and The Director of a company for manufacturing and exporting gold, Atef Ahmed Abdel Qader, estimates the sector has sustained huge losses as a result of the ongoing war in the country
Abdel Qader told Sudan Events in an interview to be published later on that in an interview with (Sudan Events) to be published later, up to now the exact amounts and size of losses have not been assessed nor have they made an inventory but it appears huge given the damage and loss within the refinery and the gold looted from the markets.
Traders have huge losses that cannot be accurately estimated until after the war stops, but these losses are estimated to exceed $100 million.
He noted the significant impact on the sector, as the Sudan Refinery was robbed and the Gold Center (the Gold Building) was looted, shops and offices were broken. This is a major loss that affected the private sector and all those working in the field of gold trade and businessmen were greatly affected.
Atef described what happened as “barbarism” that targeted the sector, stressing that country could rely on gold exports during the coming stage and it would be one of the quick means to replenish the state coffer with hard currencies.

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