Army: RSF sabotage Oil Facility

Sudan Event – Follow-ups

The office of the Sudanese Army official spokesman said in a circular on Wednesday that the militia forces which has failed to achieve its coup goals through seizing power on the morning of April 15, 2023 and to turn the country into a private ownership, today, Wednesday, destroyed the control units of the petroleum refinery in the Al-Jaili area.
The army spokesman office said the militia RSF hurriedly took the lead to issue a statement which would not deceive Sudanese people in an attempt to pin its heinous crime on the Sudanese Armed Forces. The Army official spokesman said the national loyalty and firm belief prevent the national armed forces against engaging in such barbaric behavior and destroying the nation’s national potentials.
The Sudanese Armed Forces charges the terrorist RSF militia and its mercenaries who were brought in from outside the country of the full consequences of this major crime and all the resulting damage to the facility and the residents of the area around it, particularly since it had been keen to occupy the refinery since the first day of its ill-fated rebellion making the international and regional community expedite its classification as terrorist organization

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