Dr. Moatasem: External Participation Will Not Stop

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The President of the Sudanese Football Association Dr. Moatasem extended his congratulations to Al- Hilal Club for its historic victory over Esperance of Tunisia in the African Champions League. He said that Al-Hilal, with its performance, has become a favorite to go far in the championship, and he announced that the Association is ready to cooperate with Al-Hilal to continue its successful journey. He praised the great efforts made by the Board of Directors, led by Hisham Al-Sobat, and said that they stand beside the team to go continue its successes.
Dr. Moatasem confirmed to continue external participation at the national and club level despite the war conditions. He said that the good results achieved by the first and Olympic teams, along with Al-Hilal, confirmed that the decision to continue external participation was correct and made sudan keep its pre-war classification and advance for the better. He said stopping external participation would have meant retreating and starting from zero, because continuing competitions would not be the same as stopping it. Therefore, Sudanese football teams will “continue external participation without stopping until our country enjoys security and stability and sports activity returns again.”
Dr. Jaafar praised the qualitative addition achieved by Sudanese professionals abroad with the national team, and stressed that the Association will continue this experience in all teams.
He expected more stars to arrive from aboard to join the national Olympic team camp in Taif. He expressed his confidence that this experience would achieve greater successes, praising the sons of Sudan who responded to the nation’s call without delay.
Dr. Moatasem described the negative results achieved by the junior team in the CECAFA tournament as disappointing. But he pointed out that these bad results should not push us to destroy this important age group, and stressed that they are capable of correcting all mistakes, as happened to the first team. Jaafar pledged a revolution in the junior national team to build a strong and distinguished team capable of honoring Sudanese football and providing players to the national teams through proper progression.
The president of the Sudanese football Association has meanwhile praised the friendly and sister federations that stood behind the Football Association and contributed to the continuation of foreign participation in the required manner. He specifically commended the Saudi Football Federation, led by His Excellency Mr. Yasser Hassan Al-Mishal . He also thanked the Libyan Federation for their quick response to the request to choose the Benina Martyrs Stadium in Benghazi as a stadium for the national team, which was the strong starting point in the World Cup qualifiers. He also thanked the brotherly Tanzanian federation for hosting Al Hilal’s matches, He praised the strong public stand of the Tanzanian fans in a way that let Al- Hilal play as if they were in its stadium, and that had an impact on the great victory achieved over Esperance of Tunisia.
He also praised the Moroccan Football Federation, led by Fawzi Lakjaa, for their unlimited cooperation with us and their hosting of the Sudanese national team’s camp and matches.
Eager for Merikh stability
the President of Sudan Association affirmed his federation’s keenness on the administrative stability of Al-Merreikh Club, as it is a major club and represents one of the two sides of the Sudanese football summit. He described the resignation of Ayman Abu Jibin as president of the club at this time as regrettable and indicated that the resignation will not make the council lose its legitimacy, stressing that the federation will communicate with Al-Merreikh seniors, and its symbols in order to resolve the crisis and restore stability to Al-Merreikh Club as soon as possible.
Dr. Jaafar hoped that Mr. Ayman Abu Jibin would retract his decision to resign in appreciation of the circumstances that the country and Merreikh are going through, which needs stability during this period.
Jaafar praised the victory scored by the representative of Sudan and Al Hilal, Professor Hassan Ali Issa, who has been selected member of the first executive office of the Association of African Professional Clubs. He said that this deserved and honorable victory reflects the hard work of the Sudanese group and that it is a continuum of the success scored by Sudanese cadres in international, continental and regional events in all sporting activities.

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