Chadian Forces Intercept Supplies Destined for RSF

Sudan Events

According to a reliable source, an important supply for the RSF departing from N’Djamena would have been intercepted by the Chadian soldiers, members of the mixed Chad-Sudan forces led by Ousmane Bahr.
Allegedly, the Chadians handed over the supplies to the Sudanese rebel armed group of Djibrine Khalil, JEM. This action angered the RSF, leading them to desire an attack on the forces of Ousmane Bahr.
According to reports, Chadian transitional president’s chief of staff, Idriss Youssouf Boy is currently absent from Chad and is attempting to coordinate with the involved parties to prevent the situation from escalating between the RSF and the Chadian forces.
If this tension is not eased in the coming days, it could lead to the sudden extension of the conflict on the Chadian side.

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