Over 90% of Khartoum Factories Destroyed

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The Sudanese Acting Minister for Industry Mahassin Ali Yagoub has revealed that over 90% of factories in Khartoum state have been destroyed as a result of the ongoing war in the country between the armed forces and the militia rapid support forces.
The minister who is taking part in the forum of the governors of the state and regions which takes place from 5th to 7th of current December in Gadarif state added that this situation has led to lack of most of the basic commodities in the state, including such vital goods as medicines and foods.
The minister announced that her ministry has put in place an emergency plan whereby the factories that could be transferred to much safer states than Khartoum would be moved there with the view to start operation there and that those still functioning will open branches and offshoots in the various states depending on the availability of material and the relative advantages in each state.
She said work is also underway to attract investment in all states with focus on agricultural manufacturing and the added value to produced raw material, securing the strategic goods to cover the local consumption and open up to local markets
And make use of the preferential status stipulated in the various agreements the ministry has signed.
She urged the governors to encourage operation of factories that have stopped and to being them to the production circles., she said the ministry will open industrial offices in each of the safe states to follow up the situation.
She also appealed to the governor to facilitate the procedures and to welcome the factories that transfer their activities to the states and to reduced fees save for those related to services rendered to the factories.

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