Sinnar Sends in Its First Sesame Shipment

Sudan Events – Nahed Oshi

On Thursday, Sinnar State launched the first shipment of sesame exports to the crop market.
The Governor of Sinnar, Tawfiq Muhammad, ordered the removal of all obstacles facing investors and pointed out that the state is pregnant with many resources, especially agricultural (export of horticultural products and export crops).
He said that the industrial field is open to small industries “oils, soap, flour, and meat of all types,” especially with the availability of labor force that represents the tip of the spear of success for any project, at the same time contributes to reducing the unemployment rate in the state and opening new labor markets.

The Director of the Sudanese Standards and Metrology Authority, Sinnar Sector, Abyazid Al-Sheikh, said that issuing the export certificate in the production areas after completing the technical and documentation procedures comes to facilitate the flow of export movement in the ports.
He announced the completion of the procedures for “3,240” tons of sesame exports and emphasized the need to invest in the state and the readiness of the specifications to provide investors with the standard specifications, starting from the establishment’s specifications until reaching the final product.

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