Sudan Localizes Industry in States

Sudan Event – Follow-ups

The Minister of Industry, Mahassin Ali Yagoub, emphasized the role of industry, its importance and contribution to the national economy.
She considered it the engine of economic development, adding that its most important goal is to replace imports, reduce hard currencies allocated to imports, develop exports, and maximize returns.
Yesterday, during the activities of the coordination forum for state governors, according to “Al-Youm Al-Tali” newspaper, the minister revealed that the industrial sector was affected as a result of the ongoing war in the country. She said that the war destroyed more than “90%” of the existing factories in Khartoum State and added, “particularly since most of the industry was concentrated in Khartoum State, which led to loss of most consumer goods, the most important of which are food products, medicines, and others.
She pointed out that the most important pillars of the Ministry’s emergency plan are to relocate factories that can be rehabilitated from Khartoum State to secure states with the aim of operating them and localizing industry there, in addition to opening branches of existing factories in Khartoum State in all secure states according to the relative advantages of available resources and infrastructure, as well as working to attract industrial investment in all secure states, with a focus on agricultural industrialization to achieve added value and provide food security commodities to cover local consumption as well as openness to regional and international markets, in addition to benefiting from the preferential advantages granted under these agreements.

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