Sudan to Facilitate Further Humanitarian Organizations’ Work

Sudan Events – Follow-ups

Head of the National Commission for Peace, Professor Suleiman Al-Dabailo, appreciated the efforts exerted by international and national organizations working in the humanitarian field in light of the circumstances the country is experiencing and the response of donors and the world through international and regional organizations.
Al-Dabailo noted in a statement at a briefing forum on humanitarian response operations in the current emergency situation, “National Policies and Priorities,” which was organized by the Joint National Committee for Humanitarian Emergencies on Thursday in Port Sudan, the great attention that the state accords to facilitating the work and efforts of workers in the humanitarian field.
He pointed out this regard to the Sovereign Council’s Resolution to form the Joint National Committee for Humanitarian Emergencies with the aim of overcoming the obstacles facing the humanitarian field in the country.
He said holding the forum aims to confirm the government’s commitment to all laws and agreements signed between the Government of Sudan and humanitarian agencies and organizations.
He said that the forum will present several working papers dealing with (the humanitarian response, the health response, and the national priorities for the work of United Nations agencies. It also aims to provide an opportunity for humanitarian workers to highlight their experience and be acquainted with the actual needs of Sudan.
Al-Dabailo pointed to the repercussions of the war and its consequences on the displaced, which put great pressure on villages and cities in terms of services, particularly in the field of education and health, stressing in this regard the keenness to provide the necessary services to citizens.
Al-Dabailo expressed hope that the forum would also focus on obstacles and challenges facing the humanitarian action and to help reach a common understanding that would contribute to facilitating the work of humanitarian organizations.

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