Bank of Sudan to Purchase Gold

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

The Forum of Regions and States Governors, convened in in Gadarif has approved a number of recommendations on the mining sector, the most important of which was the adoption of approved windows for the Central Bank of Sudan in the capitals of the producing states to purchase gold at incentive prices.
It was also approved to activate policies for exporting gold, its proceeds, and the fees imposed on it, in such a way that guarantees the interest of everyone in the state.
The forum stressed the need to tighten coordination between the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company and the states to control traditional mining markets and remove unregulated mining activities, in addition to eliminating duplication in fees collections in the mining sector.
The forum further stressed the need to improve coordination between the center, the states, and the Darfur and Blue Nile regions to implement policies and procedures related to the production, movement, and trade of gold, as well as combating smuggling and evasion by establishing stimulating policies and rewarding prices for purchasing gold from producers.
It was also agreed to enact and implement deterrent laws and legislation on violators, ensure the flow of gold through official channels, enhance the presence and deployment up of regular forces in mining areas, to prevent smuggling and evasion, in addition to controlling the activity of goldsmiths, monitoring the collection of traditional mining revenues through the gates, and localizing the gold industry.

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