RSF Loots UN Agencies’ Stocks in Sudan

Sudan Events – Follow-ups

In a paper it presented at the enlightening forum on humanitarian response operations in light of the current emergency situation, which was organized by the Joint National Committee for Humanitarian Emergencies at the Coral Hotel on Thursday, the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) in Sudan reviewed some of the negative repercussions of the dire humanitarian situation resulting from the military rebellion of the RSF militia.
The commission revealed that about (3,000) active humanitarian organizations have completely suspended their humanitarian activities in Sudan, including about (2,900) national organizations and about (110) foreign organizations, and more than (10) international agencies and regional organizations working in humanitarian affairs.
The paper said that about 82% of the humanitarian work stocks and resources of UN agencies, national and foreign organizations, and humanitarian aid commissions were looted and burned by rebel militias. Also, 85% of international humanitarian workers in the country left Sudan at the beginning of the military rebellion due to high exposure to risks.
The Commission indicated that about 77 vehicles belonging to humanitarian organizations were looted and stolen by rebel militias. The paper confirmed the cessation of implementation of more than (500) projects within the other regional United Nations humanitarian response plan operating in Sudan for the year 2022 and 2023, for which more than (3) billion dollars were allocated.
The representative of the Chairman of the Joint National Committee for Humanitarian Emergencies, Professor Suleiman Mohamed Al-Dabailo, Head of the Peace Commission, renewed the Sudanese government’s strict commitment to all laws and agreements signed between the Government of Sudan, agencies and organizations.

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