SLM-Tambour: RSF Committed War Crimes

Sudan Events – Sumaya Sayed

The leader of the Sudan Liberation Movement Mustafa Tambour has accused the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) of committing “war crimes and crimes against humanity” in Darfur region, west of Sudan, as fighting between the rebel militia and the Sudanese Armed Forces continues since April 15th.
“The committed crimes against civilians that amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity, in addition to repeated waves of displacement from North, South and Central Darfur,” he said.
“There were young people who were buried alive in one mass grave, and the streets of the city of el-Geneina are filled with the bodies of the victims. There were rapes estimated in the thousands. All this was committed by the RSF,” he added.
“The RSF continue their violations, kidnapping girls from their homes, and carrying out very large-scale arrests among young men. There are murders committed in the western neighbourhoods of the city of Nyala, and there was kidnapping of young men in the center of the city of Zalingei yesterday and today,” he continued.
According to Tambour, the Jeddah talks presented an opportunity for security coordination between the fighting parties that should, “begin with the departure of these militias out of private homes, the should move away from residential areas. [They must] leave health and service institutions, and gather in preparation for their demobilization, after having their weapons confiscated.”
“There is no objection to those who want to integrate into the Armed Forces according to rules and regulations of the Armed Forces’ integration process. Those who want to be demobilized must be demobilized, and those who have committed crimes against civilians must be tried,” Tambour said.

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