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Sudanese-American Iman : A Richest Self-Made Women 2023 by Forbes


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Iman Abuzeid, a Sudanese-American physician and entrepreneur, has been named one of America’s Richest Self-Made Women 2023 by Forbes.

The annual list was released on 1 June 2023 with the 76-year-old business woman and billionaire Diane Hendricks topping the list. With 100 women on list, well-known names include Oprah Winfrey (13, USD2.5 billion), Rihanna (20, 1.4 billion), Kim Kardashian (21, USD 1.2 billion), Taylo Swift (34, USD740 million), Kylie Jenner (38, 680 million), Madonna (45, USD580 million), Beyonce Knowles (48, USD540 million), Celine Dion (55, USD480 million), Judge Judy Sheindlin (56, USD480 million), Dolly Parton (59, USD440 million), Reese Witherspoon (59, USD440 million), Barbara Streisand (61, USD430 million), Huda Kattan (66, USD400 million), Ellen DeGeneres (73, USD380 million), Serena Williams (89, USD290 million), Shonda Rimes (96, USD250 million) and more.

As the co-founder and CEO of Incredible Health, a digital nurse hiring platform, 38-year-old Iman ranked 77th out of 100 women with a net worth of USD350 million, ranking a little below Ellen DeGeneres (73, USD380 million) and above Serena Williams (USD290 million), Shonda Rimes (USD250 million), and other well-known women.

Based in Texas, Abuzeid is a former medical doctor, receiving a medical degree in the UK, a McKinsey alumnus and holds a Wharton MBA. She led product management at health tech startups and then moved to healthcare consulting in the US.

In 2017, Abuzeid founded Incredible Health to help solve the nursing shortage plaguing American hospitals. It is a similar version of LinkedIn, but for nurses. Their profiles get matched to open positions listed by US hospitals. In August 2022, Abuzeid announced that Incredible Health had raised an USD80 million from private investors, valuing the company at USD1.65 billion.

According to Forbes, Abuzeid is one of only a handful of Black female founders to run a company valued at more than USD1 billion.

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