WHO: Humanitarian Crisis Worsening in Sudan

Sudan Events – Follow-ups

The World Health Organization representative to the Sudan on Friday said the humanitarian crisis in Sudan was worsening as Sudan faces the largest displacement crisis in the world.
Mohamed Tawfiq Meshal told a UN press conference in Geneva that the fighting has spread over the past eight months from Khartoum to several states across the country.
Citing data from the Armed Conflict Locations and Events Data Project and the Ministry of Health, Meshal said that at least 12,260 people have been killed since last April and more than 33,000 others have been injured in the conflict in Sudan.
Regarding the numbers of displacement resulting from the fighting, he said the Sudan was facing the largest displacement crisis in the world.
According to the representative, cholera has spread from three to nine states within a month and 5,400 suspected and confirmed cases, and 170 deaths have been reported.
He added that eleven states also reported more than 4,500 suspected cases of measles and 104 deaths. He further added that 6,000 dengue fever cases and 56 related deaths occurred in 14 states.
He said insecurity and bureaucratic obstacles continue to impede humanitarian access and the movement of supplies in many places in Sudan, while many hospitals are reported to be inaccessible, and insecurity prevents the safe delivery of humanitarian aid

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