German Chancellor: Ukraine War Won’t End Anytime Soon

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Germany will continue to support Ukraine in its war with Russia as the military conflict, which began in February 2022, will not end anytime soon, Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Saturday.
“No, this war won’t be over anytime soon-we would all wish that it were-and this is why we have to be able to keep up the pressure …,” Scholz said at the Social Democratic Party (SPD) conference in Berlin.
“We have to help and be able to help Ukraine on the basis of solidarity. We support Ukraine in its defence struggle, with financial resources and weapons,” he added.
The chancellor said he is often asked by citizens whether sanctions against Moscow are right, to which he replied: “Yes. (Russian President Vladmir) Putin should not and must not expect us to let up.”
Germany is Ukraine’s second-largest supporter after the U.S., and has supplied weapons on a large scale, including battle tanks, heavy artillery pieces and air defence systems.
Berlin on Friday announced a new package of military aid to Ukraine that includes shells, drones, and vehicles.
It said in a statement that the new package included 10 Vector reconnaissance drones, 1,750 artillery shells, 70 grenade launchers, six patrol cars, and eight trucks, as well as 100,000 military first-aid kits.

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