Smuggling Hides to West Africa Aborted


Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

The competent authorities seized a large number of trucks loaded with rawhide goods in Kosti and Tandelti in White Nile State, approximately 40 trucks in the two towns on their way to West Africa without official documents supporting the export process.
After receiving confirmed information from the Minister of Trade and Supply, Al-Fatih Abdullah Yousif, by phone in direct contact with the authorities of White Nile State, a team consisting of the supply investigation department in the state, and with the follow-up of a representative of the office of the Ministry of Trade in the state, the team was able to stop the trucks. After the examination, it became clear that the violations had been proven and that the trucks were on their way to West Africa as commodity prepared for export without a document supporting this, which is considered a clear violation of the Trade Act, 2009 and a waste of resources. The country will bring the perpetrators to the state’s judicial authorities.

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