Large Quantities of Cyanide Seized


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The Red Sea State Anti-smuggling force have seized four vehicles loaded with huge quantities of highly toxic cyanide, clandestinely used in traditional gold mining.

The Director of the Anti-Smuggling Department, Police Major General Babiker Yousif Babiker, also renewed his force’s full commitment and continuous endeavor to abort all smuggling attempts through well-thought-out plans and programs, in addition to the great experience gained by members of the anti-smuggling forces.

For his part, the Director of the Anti-Smuggling Department, Police Brigadier General Khalid Mohammed Salih, confirmed that his force is on the lookout for all smuggling attempts, explaining that the seizure was made through one of the land patrols north of the city of Port Sudan after they gathered information, which was followed up with high accuracy until the patrol was able to seize the vehicles, and large numbers of smuggled camels at the borders on their way out of the country. He said four smugglers were arrested in the operation. He said legal action is underway against those involved in the smuggling.

More than once, the Sudanese government decided to stop the use of cyanide and mercury in mining in order to avoid its environmental and health hazard as they are suspected of causing prenatal deformities in the state of South Kordufan, western Sudan.

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