Suki Project: Irrigation for the Summer Season

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The Acting Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources, Engineer Daw Al-Bayt Abdul Rahman, announced during his visit (Sunday) Al-Suki Agricultural Pump Stations and the Mina Pump Stations that provide water for Al-Rahad Agricultural Project, that his visit comes within the activities of checking the water supply and efforts exerted to complete the remaining irrigation of Al-Arwa summer crops in those projects.

The Minister reassured farmers of the two projects that maintenance operations on Al Suki and Mina pumps have been largely completed, in addition to the availability of water supply to complete the summer season, noting that maintenance of the third pump in Mina Baharat has been completed and the fourth pump will enter in the coming hours.

He stressed the concerted efforts between his ministry and the Ministry of Energy to stabilize the electrical current, especially at Al Suki and Mina pump stations, which were recently affected by the fluctuation of electrical current, directing the continuation of maintenance operations for the pumps and working with the Ministry of Energy and Oil to stabilize the electrical supply.

He promised to overcome all obstacles to stabilize the water supply during the agricultural season through irrigated projects, stressing the availability of water supply for winter irrigation

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