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Carthage Theatrical Days Concluded and Honouring of Eidabi

Sudan Events – Magda Hassan

The curtain came down on Sunday evening on the activities of the 24th Carthage Theater Days, which came under the title (In theater we live).
The symbol was honored
Sudanese playwright Dr. Yousuf Eidabi
Tunisia topped the list of official awards,
The Best Scenography Award is awarded by the Tunis Opera Theater:
It was assigned to Ghazi Al-Zoghbani for the play Al-Ferma (Tunisia)
The award for best script went
Assigned to Suleiman Al-Bassam for the play Silence (Kuwait)
And the best actress award
She was assigned to Hala Omran for her role in the play Silence (Kuwait)
The award for best actor went
Ghazi Al-Zoghbani for his role in the play Al-Ferma (Tunisia) and won a bronze medal
The play Al-Ferma, text, direction, scenography and music by Ghazi Al-Zoghbani (Tunisia)
The play Shams, written and directed by Amin Boudriga (Morocco), won the Silver Prize and was awarded
The play (Silence), script and directed by Suleiman Al-Bassam (Kuwait) Al-Dhahabi.

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