Expert: Sudan’s Economic Situation catastrophic

Sudan Events – Nahid Oshi

An economic expert has described the economic situation in Sudan as catastrophic, pointing to the government inability to prepare a budget for the fiscal 2024 due to the war that broke out on April 15. The economic expert, Dr. Kamal Karar argues that ” Most of the government spending is directed to confront the repercussions of the war, in addition to the fact that 80% of the central government units were in Khartoum and are now idle or absent due to the war, and thus the authorities responsible for preparing the budget are not functioning, and their workers are either displaced or refugees”.
He added in a statement to (Sudan Events) that if the general budget means the state’s economic and social plan during the year, then this item does not currently exist in our country.
He further added that the government itself is absent, and thus the state institutions that develop the necessary estimated plans are absent. The situation is described as catastrophic by all standards and that its economic impact will extend for years

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