Measures Ending Tampering with Export Revenues


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The Minister of Trade and Supply, Al-Fatih Abdallah Yusuif, stressed his ministry’s keenness to facilitate the export process which will contribute to reduce smuggling, motivate exporters and work jointly with exporters to preserve the country’s economic capabilities to be used to securing basic strategic goods.


The Minister was briefed on Monday while chairing the first meeting of the Committee for the Development of Minerals, Livestock and Agricultural Exports Sector by Saleh Salah, Chairman of the Red Sea Livestock Exporters Chamber and member of the Committee, on the obstacles , reviewing export contracts and taking action against companies that did not commit to paying export revenues within the specified time set The committee includes representatives from customs, the Bank of Sudan, Economic Security, in addition to the competent authorities, whose tasks include making inventory and classifying companies in terms of commercial activity and the extent of their commitment to paying their revenues tax and fees in a timely manner.

In addition to developing constructive proposals to develop the export sector in general, he provided a detailed highlights about the obstacles that prevent the flow of exports, and proposed appropriate mechanism to pay export revenues under the current circumstances.

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