Zelenskyy Makes Plea for US aid to Ukraine

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky goes to Congress and the White House on Tuesday to press for more US military aid in battling the Russian offensive, but the Republican Party shows little sign of listening to his increasingly desperate pleas.
For much of the nearly two years that Ukraine has resisted President Vladimir Putin’s onslaught, the United States has led a Western coalition sending billions of dollars in weaponry and ammunition.
But Republicans are ever-more openly rejecting the need to fund Ukraine, saying that President Joe Biden needs to devote more attention to domestic security, particularly to stopping irregular migration over the US-Mexican border.
The Republicans are also questioning whether Ukraine should keep fighting at all.
Zelenskyy, who arrived from a diplomatic push with world leaders at the inauguration of Argentine President Javier Milei over the weekend, will meet Biden at the White House. They will also hold a joint press conference.
Biden is a key supporter of Zelenskyy, framing the Ukrainian war effort as part of a global struggle between democracies and aggressive autocracies.
But on Capitol Hill, Zelenskyy will face his real test when he addresses Republican and Democratic senators, and meets the new Republican speaker of the House, Mike Johnson.

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