Social Security Commission Supports Poor

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The Federal Commission for Social Security, Solidarity and Poverty Reduction has begun distributing strategic entitlement support to the Red Sea, White Nile, and Sennar states.
The Federal Social Security Commissioner, Mohammad Ali Saliem, said that the target in Sennar State is (8,837) among poor families, with a rate of (25,000 pounds) per family in the seven localities of Sennar State, indicating that seven outlets will be opened under the leadership of the localities to hand over the beneficiaries. Mohammed Ali said that the war has frustrated all programs in the Social Security Commission.
The Director of the Savings Bank, Sinjah Branch, Al-Mahi, Mohammed Ishaq, announced the bank’s commitment to disburse strategic support dues in the localities, indicating that the bank will work in complete transparency and that every person entitled to it will receive what is due.
Meanwhile, Dr. Mahjoub Ahmed Mohammed Ali, the Acting Minister of Finance of Sennar, said that the social security strategy is one of his ministry’s strategies, which work to reduce the burden on the citizens, calling for the opening of payment windows from the savings bank in all localities to alleviate the burden on the deserving citizen. He called for the continuation of payment of the entitlement to strategic support cards to reduce the burden on citizens.

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