Sudan’s Vision to Geneva on Refugees


Sudan Event – Follow-ups

Foreign Minister Ali Al-Sadiq presented Sudan’s statement during the Global Refugee Forum held in Geneva from 13 to 15 December.
At the opening of the forum, the Minister addressed the high-level session on Wednesday morning, stressing that the Second World Refugee Forum comes at a time when Sudan is witnessing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, resulting from the war launched by the Janjaweed militia against Sudan and its people, as the rebel militia has continued, throughout the past eight months of systematic destruction of the state’s strategic and service facilities, in addition to its persistence in committing the most horrific crimes and violations against the Sudanese people, including killing, intimidation, looting, rape, and forced displacement, which led to the internal displacement of millions, while more than a million people forcibly took refuge in neighboring countries.
The minister expressed Sudan’s thanks and appreciation to neighboring countries for hosting those fleeing from the scourge of war. He stressed that the militia had met all the criteria to be classified as a terrorist group. He also stressed Sudan’s pledges to work to find radical solutions to forced displacement, encourage voluntary return, address livelihoods for refugees and the host community alike, as well as accompanying environmental and climate issues to be among the solutions, with emphasis on registration and protection systems.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs urged the international community and donors to fulfill their pledges announced to implement the UNHCR plan to respond to the humanitarian situation in Sudan and its neighboring countries by providing more urgent humanitarian support as well as medium and long-term development support to improve the infrastructure of host communities, which suffer from a severe shortage of all basic needs and services.
The Sudanese delegation participating in the forum included the Commissioner for Refugees, Musa Atroun, and the representative of the envoy of the President of the Sovereign Council for the IGAD initiative for sustainable solutions to displacement in the Republics of Sudan and South Sudan.

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