Khartoum Stock Exchange reopens soon

Sudan Events – Nahed Oshi

The Director General of the Khartoum Stock Exchange, Dr. Ali Khaled Al-Fawil said all preparations have been completed for the market to resume work in Port Sudan.
He pointed out in a statement to (Sudan Events) that the stock market will fulfill the services required by investors and provide them within ten days, except for trading, which was stopped by the capital market regulatory authority after the outbreak of war in mid-April.
He said several steps and procedures have come a long way in practicing trading after completing the regulations that prevent the prices of shares and instruments from sustaining a severe impact.
He said the full resumption will be announced after the Board of Directors meeting scheduled to be held within the next few days, and then the authority will be contacted regarding the practice of trading after the controls regulating that are completed, followed by the rest of the market’s activities and services were confirmed to be available during official working hours as usual.

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