North Kordufan: Abundant Crops Production

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The El Obeid crop market witnessed an influx of agricultural crops, while arrangements and preparations related to receiving the crops arriving from the various production areas this season, have been completed by the market administration

The Executive Director of Al-Obeid Crop Market in North Kordufan State, Hassan Bab Al-Rahma Rahma, explained in press statements today, Thursday, that all staffers in the management of Al-Obeid Crop Market are doing their level best to facilitate administrative procedures, adding that early maintenance of all machinery and tools related to weighing, training of recipients, and other work-related arrangements were completed on time. He said these preparations contributed well to preparing the market and launching work in an orderly and precise manner, which helped improve performance in the market.
He noted that North Kordufan is full of productive, agricultural and forest resources, in addition to the fact that the city of El Obeid is a crossroads for national roads and a commercial center, which has given the El Obeid crop market an advantage in receiving crops and creating a commercial movement that effectively contributes to the national economy of the state.

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