Police warns against RSF militia ploy

Sudan Events – Follow-ups

The General Command of the Police Forces has condemned the behavior of the Rapid Support militia which uploaded a video clip showing persons dressed in police fatigue and pretending to be regular Federal Police.
The episode was announced by the RSF during a fake presser organized for this purpose.
The Sudanese police said in a statement on Thursday that the intent of this act, which it rejected, was to undermine citizens’ confidence in the police, stressing that the federal police force secures its security services in all states of Sudan, except for areas witnessing conflict with the militia.
The statement added that the police were able not long ago to restore all systems and transactions related to the civil registry and passports, and traffic transactions, in addition to carrying out its other duties and functions of preventing and detecting crime and bringing criminals to justice, especially after recovering criminal records.
The police called on citizens not to deal with or listen to these militias that do not have any legitimacy, stressing their full readiness to provide all their services to citizens and vowing to take legal measures against the people who impersonate the police and anyone who seeks to destabilize the security and safety of the nation.

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