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The initiative to support Sudanese people affected by the war in the Arab Republic of Egypt launched a smart partnership with TraveCare Medical Tourism and Training Company, to provide treatment services to Sudanese in Egypt in appreciation of the difficult circumstances they face as a result of the on going war in Sudan .

The Vice President of the Initiative, Ambassador Kamal Hassan Ali, confirmed that the initiative is progressing well towards achieving its goals, noting the importance of strengthening cooperation with TraveCare Medical Tourism and Training Company to overcome many of the obstacles facing the (Isnad) Initiative ,especially the covering of chronic diseases .

Secretary-General of the initiative, Dr. Amira Al-Fadil reviewed the activities and programs the initiative has implemented since its launch, including health, education, training, capacity building, and providing the food basket.

Managing director of TraveCare Medical Tourism and Training Company , Iman Mohamed Abdel Qader said that the ordeal being faced by Sudanese has united feelings and strengthened solidarity among many parties to implement humanitarian programs that support and advocate for the Sudanese.

Pointing out that TraveCare is based on humanitarian and charitable concepts that take into account the eternal relations between Sudan and Egypt and serve the interest of Sudanese citizens.

Iman pointed to the efforts of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of TraveCare , Dr. Abdul Atti Al-Mannai in Gezira and Sinnar States through free health convoys and treatment days in a number of villages and cities in the two states.

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