Governor of Darfur: Freedom and Change “defiled” the revolution

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The Governor of the Darfur region – western Sudan, Minni Arko Minawi, said that what happened in Khartoum and in various cities of Sudan exceeds what happened in Darfur and has never happened in the history of Sudan.
Minawi, who was speaking in a meeting with citizens hailing from Darfur, Resident in the Red Sea state on Friday, added that he knows very well how to carry gun and how to raise demands, but not in the current way that sparked the war, stressing that in 22 years they have not burned a “straw,” adding that demands should be guided by “morals.”
Minawi stressed that it is not possible to wear the dress of the revolution if you do not have its morals, stressing that the solution to the Darfur problem will not be isolated from the solution to the Sudan problem, and that its solution will not be in attacking El Geneina, or in killing the governor, mutilating human bodies, or genocide, and burying people in a mass grave while they are alive, but rather in solving it within the solution of Sudan’s issues seizing power by taking up arms or coups will not solve the problem, and that Sudan has wasted many opportunities to solve its problems, starting with independence in 56 after the departure of the British, then October 64 after the fall of the military regime, then April 85 after the fall of another military regime, then we wasted 2019, which is the most regrettable, according to his description, after that People missed the opportunity to sit together to formulate a new Sudan, and people put on the dress of the revolution, urinated on it, and are now claiming in exile with the power of their eyes that they are the revolution, so the setback and the beginning of the April 15 war begin.
Minawi saluted the honorable Sudanese who do not lick the shoes of others out of greed for power, not those who hold conferences abroad with a salary, board planes with a salary, and classify others as remnants, stressing that the leaders of the Central Council for Freedom and Change are the largest remnants and that he knows them well, challenging them by saying that he knows everything and that the dates are close and that does not suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Minawi added that he personally attended their demand to disperse the sit-in and warned that the mistakes of the National Congress, which ruled Sudan for thirty years, are not an excuse to dismantle the country and rebuild it according to their new way.

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