lawyers condemn militia attack on Abu-Gouta

Sudan Events – follow up

The Emergency Lawyers Grouping- a Civil Society Rights Legal Grouping established in 2019- issued a statement on Tuesday condemning the attack by the Rapid Support militia against the area of Abu Gouta, 35 km South of Khartoum.

“The Rapid Support Forces have invaded the area of Abu Gouta, early morning on December the 14th, which is an administrative unit in north western Gezira state, with no military or any other security formation affiliated to the Armed Forces, using to this end a force mounting on 20 4X4 pickups, that spread all over the town, erecting military checkpoints, looting the marketplace, the agricultural Bank, the Court and the Police Unit , and in so doing three policemen were killed” the statement said.
The Emergency lawyers have condemned the conduct of the militia and added in their statement that “we strongly denounce and condemn the intent of the Rapid Support Forces to expand the military operations to include safe areas to which thousands of civilians have fled for safety. We also condemn the looting operations and the aggressions on the utilities in the town and the sabotage carried out by the Rapid Support Forces. We warn the RSF against the consequences of continued violations against civilians.

The Armed Forces Airforce bombarded the Rapid Support Forces who attacked the area early morning Thursday and drove them out of the area.

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