Oil Fields Protection Committee, Formed

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The Deputy Governor of West Kordofan, Adam Karshoum Nour El-Din, issued a state decision to form a community security committee for the oil fields in the state. The decision came in accordance with the provisions of the constitutional document and is based on Article (1/1/9) of the Decentralized Governance Organization Act, 2020.
The community committee included Mayor Hamidan Jaralnabi Al-Rahima as chairman and Mayor Osman Al-Fadl Mustafa as rapporteur, in addition to other members of specialists in the field, leaders of the state’s civil administration, and youth.
The committee’s tasks and powers focused on securing and protecting oil fields from saboteurs, in coordination with companies working in the oil field and the state government, and enhancing community capabilities to monitor the fields.
The decision directed the General Secretariat of the government and relevant authorities to put it into effect.

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