Red Sea: A Drop in Diarrhea Cases

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Ahlam Abdul Rasoul, the Director General of the Ministry of Health in the Red Sea State, has confirmed that the health situation in the state is reassuring, and that the watery diarrhea that claimed 63 lives has now been brought under control.
She said in a press statement (Thursday) that the interventions followed has led to a significant decrease in cases of infection, as 995 cases were recorded in Suakin locality, 540 in Port Sudan, 150 in Tokar, and 15 in Sinkat.
She pointed out that a complementary meeting was held at the Ministry today in which roles were distributed among the organizations that had committed to fulfill their obligations and coordination was made between them.
Ahlam renewed assurances that the health situation is reassuring after the interventions that took place in the areas of environmental health, infection control, sanitation, water chlorination and hygiene, and confirmed that the health situation in Suakin has clearly improved and the cases of infection have decreased.

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