“CAS” Gives SFA Time on the Ethics Issue

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The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) gave the Sudan Football Association (SFA) 30 days to pay $24,000, the value of the lawsuit filed, on which the final ruling was issued on April 17, 2022, in favor of Dr. Moatasem Jaafar Sir Al-Khatm and Ustaz / Osama Atta Al-Mannan Hassan.
“CAS” considered the award (decision) obligatory for the SFA to pay its share of the value of a special lawsuit regarding the electoral race with the ethics and appeals decision, in addition to the arbitration and arbitrators’ dues amounting to about eight thousand dollars in the ruling issued by it in the two cases Nos. (35) and (36).
The head of the legal team of the SFA, Mohamed Suleiman Halfa, explained that the decision is related to the cases filed by Dr. Moatasem and Osama against the SFA when they were excluded from the electoral race by the Ethics and Appeals Committees on an appeal by the El Geneina Association and some members of the General Assembly. They won their cases at that time and were allowed to run, provided that they would not practice their duties until the final decision was issued, which was later issued in their favor after they paid the full court fees for the plaintiff and the defendant according to the court system, amounting to more than 48 thousand dollars after Shaddad SFA refused to pay its fees equally between them and the plaintiff, and the court ordered the SFA to pay the lawsuit fees on its part (Text of the lawsuit fees) in favor of Moatasem and Osama, which were not paid at the time. The lawsuit was considered, and a ruling was issued in which they were acquitted and the decisions of the Ethics and Appeals Committees, which had accused them of financial violations, were cancelled. The CAS annulled the decisions of the Ethics and Appeals Committees and allowed them to carry out their activities in the positions of President and First Vice President. .

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