Mining Coordination Council Meet

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The Sudanese Mineral Resources Company in the Northern State announced the completion of all arrangements for the convening of the Mining Coordination Council, the fiscal 2023.
The meetings will be presided over by Northern Governor, Chairman of the Council, Monday.
The company’s Director in the state, Abdul Rahman Mahjoub Al-Nadeef, said that the company will present its activities and achievements during this year despite the exceptional circumstances that the country is going through, noting that the mining sector, both parts of it, is directly affected by the war that broke out since last April.
He explained that the mining sector is one of the sectors most affected by the war but that thanks to the efforts of the state government, its security committee, the company’s management and its employees, he was able to regain its vigor. He pointed out that the company’s management is working on its preparations for the Mining Coordination Council to convene to discuss many files and issues that will push the mining work forward, in addition to the company’s plan for the next year, as well as setting laws and regulations that govern mining activities.

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